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Add Contributing.md

... which contains details of preferred patch subject prefix. This makes
it easier to see which patches apply to this repo.

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A Contributing.md
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To add patches to this repo, please either:

a) Submit a github pull request.

b) Send the patch via email, at least:

To: swarren@nvidia.com

Cc: u-boot@lists.denx.de

With a subject prefix of "[PATCH test hooks]", i.e.:

    git format-patch --subject-prefix='PATCH test hooks' ...

You will need to include a signed-off-by line in your patch. See
https://developercertificate.org/ for the meaning of this.

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# Introduction

This repository contains working example support ("hook") scripts for U-Boot's
built-in test framework. That framework is located in the `test/py/` directory
in the U-Boot source tree.

@@ 5,6 7,10 @@ in the U-Boot source tree.
You may use these examples as a reference when creating your own hook scripts,
or even derive your own scripts directly from the files in this repository.

# Contributing

See [Contributing.md](Contributing.md).

# Flashing Philosophy

U-Boot may be installed onto a target device either by: