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Hiya! I'm Asherah/Lia, a systems/embedded software engineer from Melbourne, Australia.

Here's my slightly out-of-date résumé. I'm available for contracting; lately I've done post-incident security analysis, and pre-acquisition due diligence whole codebase review. Contact me at ashe@ this domain if you'd like to discuss anything!

I make an effort to represent my whole self online. I'm trans, plural, poly, furry, asexual[^frankly], and committed to nuanced and careful discussion about identity.

I don't really use social media any more, but you can catch me on the Zig Discord and Lobsters.

My main interests at the moment include:

  • ARM and RISC-V architectures (see Daintree)
  • Zig
  • FPGA hardware development
  • Getting better at DDR again!

I also enjoy motorcycling in the hills, beatmania IIDX, and birds.

[^frankly]: Frankly, these are some of the most boring aspects of my life, but I hope others like me --- who might feel besieged by the world sometimes --- can take comfort knowing there's representation out there. Reach out if you need to.