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title: "MAX 300"

[MAX 300](https://remywiki.com/MAX_300) was the first[^sakura] level 10
song I cleared at the arcade.  I learned to play DDR with my older brother; I
distinctly recall the sensation of finally being better than him at a
game---whether it was Descent, StarCraft, anything, he always had such a lead.

I started DDR a bit later than him and had some catching up to do, but
eventually crossed the level 9 mark before he did.  It turned out rhythm games
would be a good place for me to excel.

He lives overseas now, and at some point got an [L-TEK DDR
pad](https://www.maty-taneczne.pl).  I was a bit envious, but felt the shipping
expense---far worse to Australia than the US---was too hard to justify.
Pandemic closing the gym made it muuuuuch more palatable, and plus it'd mean
I'd get to play DDR with my brother again in a way.

It's been a very good way to get fit again, and hitting old milestones again is
a lot of fun.  I've done some other harder ones already, but today was the day
for clearing MAX<nobr> </nobr>300 again.  My scores are _much_ better than my
13-year-old self's, even though my endurance isn't.

![MAX 300 score (87.23%)](/assets/post-img/max-300.jpg)

[^sakura]: Not counting 桜 or bag here.

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