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My other half --- not my partner, but the other half that makes "Asherah" up
--- writes a very different kind of blog.  We don't tend to cross the streams
here too much, but seeing as we're not on any social media, this might be a
time to introduce one to the other.

<a id="more"></a>**Content note**: trigger warnings etc. are rarely used.  Read
at your own risk.  Content is highly personal and often covers developmental
and sexual issues.



["collared"](https://lia.kivikakk.ee/posts/collared/) is Lia writing about a
dream we had last night, with a whole lot of background history.

There are more posts but a public index isn't included because some of it
really goes off the deep end.  We are still contemplating how best to share.
If you have any ideas, feel free to email at `ashe@` or `lia@` this domain.